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Want to see your very own articles show up at freenewsbox.com? Do you write great articles on technology and design that deserve to be seen by a wide audience of interested readers? Let us help you get the exposure you deserve!

We need good articles for freenewsbox.com’s Main News Headline. We’re looking for insightful content that covers tech, business, and general web development topics.

Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box when it comes to your content. Anything that fits in with freenewsbox’s tone and meets our editors’ approval is more than welcome.

The Keys To Getting Published

Although it pains us to do it, we have to turn away a lot of the submissions we get. All of the articles we present have to comply with the site’s publishing policy. We don’t handle content pulled from other sites or work that’s been rehashed from other sources. At the current time, we can only accept submissions in English. (This may change if we end up bringing a translator onto the team).

Here are few more detailed guidelines that can help you get published on our site. We’ve identified three primary forms of submissions: articles, tutorials, and tips / showcases.

A) Articles

We consider any piece that concentrates primarily on text content (including discussions) as basic articles. Prepare article submissions according to the following guidelines:

* Include an intro and conclusion along with your article.

* Use your article’s primary point as a subtitle (make sure you detail it).

* Article length must be between 800 and 1000 words.

B) Tutorials

Tutorials are great pieces that pull in a lot of attention. Please make your tutorial as user-friendly as possible by following these guidelines:

* Keep directions concise and limit total length to no more than 100 steps.

* If you refer to a demo or other download, make sure you include appropriate links.

* Sources for links and images should be cited. (See an example here)

C) Showcases

Sometimes images speak louder than words. If you have a collection of images or photos you’d like to share, stick to the following submission guidelines:

* Submit all images bundled together in a zipped, clearly-named file.

* Photos should be provided at the highest resolution you have access to.

* Images taken from other sources need to be fully cited, with links to their original location. (See an example here)

* If you’re showcasing other content (apps, plugins, tools, etc.) include download links for all examples.


Tips For Improving Your Submission’s Chances Of Showing Up On Freenewsbox:

* Include links to earlier, relevant freenewsbox.com articles.

* Submit your piece in .html format if at all possible.

Ready To Submit?

If you’ve carefully reviewed the guidelines and polished up your submission to be as awesome as possible, you can send them in by clicking here. Please don’t contact us through this address for further instructions on submitting to freenewsbox.com; this guide should tell you everything you need to know.

We look forward to hearing from you!