Who to Bring to Your Wedding Dress Appointment

Shopping for your wedding gown is exciting and fun. Many brides look forward to sharing this shopping experience with the women closest to them, while others bring along their grooms to be. Deciding who to bring to your wedding dress appointment is an important decision that will have a huge impact on the gown you select for your big day.

Don’t Bring an Entourage

While it is tempting to want to share the excitment of dress shopping with all of your friends and bridal party, it can make finding your dress more difficult. Having too many people there means having conflicting opinions, which will make it harder for you to choose. Even when you find the dress that is right for you, they may cause you to second guess yourself or steer you into buying a dress that you don’t absolutely love.

Beware the Hidden Agendas

When deciding who to bring to your wedding dress appointment, it is important to understand that some people will have their own hidden motives about the dress you select. There are some people who may want you to choose a dress that they wanted but were unable to fit. Others may be resentful of how you look in the dress, and discourage you from selecting the most flattering gown. Still others may try to persuade you to pick a dress based on their own tastes, even if they conflict with your own.

Consider the Personalities of Your Shopping Companions

It is important to understand your shopping companions and their personalities before inviting them along on your trip. If you have one friend that gets bored easily, she may derail your entire excursion by demanding to leave early. If you have two people who are feuding—your mother and your stepmother, for example, they may use this time to engage in bitter arguments or petty power plays. A friend who is an expert in fashion or who enjoys shopping may bring an enjoyable dimension to the experience. The important thing is to consider these factors before extending invitations to your shopping trip.

Who You Should Bring to Your Dress Appointment

Some brides bring only their mothers to their dress appointment, while others shop with the maid-of-honor or the bridesmaids. Still others bring their fiance along on their shopping excursions. Who you bring is totally up to you, and there are no rules about who can accompany a bride as she searches for the right gown. If your dad is buying the dress, it may be necessary to bring him along for his approval.

Remember, there is always the option of going shopping alone. Many brides choose to make this all-important decision on their own. The key is to create the right shopping experience that will let you find the dress of your dreams.

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