The Top Questions to Ask When Going Through a Divorce

Divorce is a traumatizing situation for everyone involved. It takes a lot of planning and communication to get through the process with your sanity intact. It is even harder when there are children involved. We have listed the top seven questions that you should have an answer to before you commit to a divorce.

1. Is there a way to have a divorce with as little pain as possible?

The Huffington Post listed this question in a recent article, and divorce lawyers answered yes. It takes much extra work and a deep commitment to friendly communication, but you can diminish the amount of pain everyone experiences by being open, honest, and dedicated.

2. What do your children need from you during this time?

Help Guide says that kids need to know first that the divorce is not their fault. Second, they need the chance to express their emotions in a healthy way. Finally, they need reassurance from both parents that their love is not going to change.

3. What red flags do you need to be on the lookout for in your children?

You should know the signs of depression that can warn you to get professional help for your child before entering divorce proceedings. Help Guide says that typical reactions to divorce are anger, mild depression, and anxiety. If your child begins having trouble concentrating, loses sleep, refuses to do activities they love, pulls back from their favorite people, starts cutting themselves, acting out, or abusing drugs or alcohol, then these are warning signs that you should not ignore.

4. What shared property is worth a fight?

If only couples could choose to keep only items that have the most sentimental value first, then sell what is left and split the money. Experts suggest that you think long and hard about what you are willing to fight over. Sometimes, it is just a matter of letting go to get the ball rolling.

5. What can you let give up to the other party?

Do an inventory of the things you share with your spouse. Make a list of what you will give him or her without a fight. There is a good chance that they will decide to let go of some things too.

6. Can you get through this without going to court?

The lawyers who spoke to the Huffington Post say that yes you can have a divorce without going to divorce court. Couples that agree on the division of property, time with children, and custody of children and/or pets can finalize the divorce without a court appointment.

7. Should your divorce lawyer be divorced as well?

Although this is up to the individual, it is recommended by most lawyers that the attorney you choose for divorce should know the process firsthand. This helps them sympathize with your situation. The common thread also helps them be a more effective legal guide.

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