The History of Christmas Ornaments

The first Christmas ornament, according to documented history, originated in Germany during the 15th century. The trees were decorated with roses, which were believed to be associated with the Virgin Mary. This event signaled the start of the more modern Christmas Ornaments.

Once the tradition of decorating was adopted, it spiraled being continuously improved upon for centuries. Today Christmas ornaments can be found in homes, decorating evergreen trees of those who celebrate the Christmas holiday all over the world. The finely shaped, brightly colored, shiny ornaments hanging on the trees of today, displayed as small treasures for all to enjoy every December actually started out as small white candies that the Germans tied to the branches.

It all began as far back as the 8th century when a monk, who was believed to be Saint Boniface the Apostle of the Germans, arrived in Germany to preach. The Monk brought with him a fir tree for the German people, claiming it to be the Holy Trinity. The trees triangular shape could be the representation of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The Germans, being sincere believers attached small white candies to the tree branches for decoration.

The only building an evergreen was brought into being the church during the Christmas play. Called the Paradise Tree, these evergreens were decorated with apples. According to information from Hallmark Corporate used in an article by US Newsroom eventually, the trees made it into homes for the holiday season and the ornaments began to evolve as far back as the 15th century.

In the 1880’s more and more items were being made by family and friends to use as decorations for their trees. It got to the point of having so much the evergreen was barely visible underneath it all. The only ornaments not made within the homes were those made by Germans using lead and hand-blown glass.

The history and tradition of the Christmas ornaments reveal many Germans were willing to risk their future and money in trying to make the glass ornaments in large quantities and sell them strictly as Christmas ornaments. Lauscha, Germany was where the glass ornament making businesses were located making it the perfect place to start producing these ornaments. There were many different shapes created, and when taken to market the ornaments were a great success. Demand for them was very high, which brought the need for more workers. Some of the workers were whole families so the Christmas ornaments began to have a little extra touch of uniqueness to them. That added individuality made them a special item. Germany became the major source of beautiful glass ornaments of the world.

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