The Best Luxurious Jewelry Trends of 2016

A woman, you likely have a big stack of jewelry on your vanity. What you wear will largely depend on what you already have, but what if you’re in the mood to buy something different? What are the new trends in luxury jewelry this 2016?

Every year, there’s another round of predictions about the new types of luxury jewelry that everyone will be buying. Of course, you should follow your heart and choose pieces that you personally like or those that mean something to you for sentimental reasons. But if you’re truly in the mood for something different, this is what you should look for this 2016.

1. Chokers

It seems like chokers were a fleeting trend of the 1990s. No one ever really thought they would come back again, but here they are! It almost seems like every female movie star and performing artist you see is sporting one on talk shows, red carpets and the like.

2. Oversized Everything

We’ve been seeing oversized jewelry for many years now, and 2016 is no exception. Chunky jewelry pieces for your ears, fingers, neck and wrists are very popular, but don’t mix all of them together. Most women are wearing one oversized piece on one area along with smaller pieces or nothing at all on the rest of their bodies. Many of the pieces in this category are made of enamel or fake metals as well, so there‚Äôs no need to worry about having to purchase real precious stones and metals in these sizes.

3. Rings That Stack

Stackable rings don’t go out of style very often, but they are more popular than ever right now, and style forecasters are predicting that stackable rings will stay popular throughout the year 2016. These are something great that any person can purchase because they’re extremely affordable and don’t need to have a specific style. In fact, clean stackable rings that are mostly plain are the most popular in the style category.

4. Gray Everywhere

Gray has been one of the most popular colors of every season in recent years. Women are wearing gray in their clothes, people are decorating their homes and patios in gray, And not surprisingly, jewelry has been incorporating more gray hues and shades as well.

5. Easy, Light and Breakable

Even though chunky, largely oversized jewelry pieces are extremely popular this year, light, easy and breakable pieces are also popular this season. Many women are wearing thin and fragile rings and bracelets, and necklaces and chains are also very feminine and light on some style makers.

6. Non-Symmetrical Designs and Styles

Finally, have you seen women with two different earrings on? This is becoming a typical trend as well. Even within pendants, broaches, necklaces and other single celled items, asymmetry is becoming increasingly popular among jewelry designers and wearers.

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