How to Move in a Short Amount of Time: The Go-to Guide

Moving can be a stressful experience because of how much effort and time it requires. But what if you could cut down on the amount of time it takes to move? Several steps exist for you to do this. It all lies in prior preparation.

First, you’ll need to trim down on possessions. Start by getting rid of old clothes that you don’t wear anymore or can’t wear. Either donate them to family, friends, or a charity. The same goes for appliances and heavy furniture. The fewer items you have to move, the faster the process can go. If possible, check what appliances come with the house or apartment; for example, moving to an apartment complex may give you access to a laundromat.

Designate a single room in your house to keep moving supplies, including boxes, packaging tape, permanent markers, bubble wrap, and other accessories. By keeping everything in one place, as well as your packed boxes, it saves time from having to go from room to room moving boxes. On that note, use as few containers as possible. Roll your clothes when packing; not only does it take up less room in the container, it also keeps the clothes from getting wrinkled.

Label every box with its contents. Even if it’s a general “bedroom linens” or a full list of every item in the box, it’s better to know where something is should you need it and it helps you or the movers put boxes in their appropriate rooms.

Keep a bag of first-day essentials readily available, including toiletries and a change of clothes. Generally, you want about two or three days’ worth of supplies, depending on how far you’re traveling and how quickly you can stock on supplies.

On moving day, take the weather into account. Most people move during the summer.
Nothing slows down the moving process faster than getting dehydrated from carrying boxes to the moving truck. Keep plenty of liquids in your body as you work in the heat. Wear light-colored clothing to keep cool. Also, be up bright and early to get started moving. Drink coffee if necessary for that initial burst of energy, and make sure to eat a good breakfast.

When you get to the new house, place boxes in their designated rooms after moving the heaviest items of furniture or whatever appliances you decide to bring. Don’t have the boxes scattered everywhere; this just makes it harder to put things where they go.

By preparing your possessions and remaining organized throughout the packing and moving process, you can cut down on your moving time that you might otherwise spend looking for missing items.

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