How to Maximize the Safety in Your Commercial Van

Whether you purchased a commercial van for your own use or the use of a business, there are many things that can be done to customize your vehicle to your needs while maximizing safety.  Let’s take a look at various ways to outfit your commercial van.


  1. Bulkheads or Partitions: Bulkheads or partitions are a necessity to ensure the safety of driver and passengers in the vehicle. With your equipment and tools behind the partition – if your van were to stop suddenly, your equipment wouldn’t go flying into the cab area potentially causing injury to the driver or any passengers that may be in the vehicle.  There are different variations of partitions available on the market depending on what you prefer: black painted mesh, galvanized steel – with or without a mesh upper window, aluminum sliding door with tempered glass window, and some come with storage.
  2. Flooring Options: There are many different flooring options that can be added to your commercial van. Some flooring options are only meant just to be long lasting and durable such as an aluminum floor, which is great, but others are meant to be better on your joints and hold up to spills. A rubber floor mat is able to resist oils and chemicals, it is easier on your knees, and has traction so you are less likely to slip and fall. There are also options like a composite wood floor that has a heavy-duty coating. This type of flooring has a textured surface for traction, and is water resistant and is long lasting. If you plan on spending a lot of time in your commercial van or use chemicals or oils, a rubber mat or composite wood floor might be the best option. If you haul a lot of stuff around for your business and have more rough use of your van, the aluminum flooring might be the better option – the type of flooring you choose really depends on what you use your commercial van for.
  3.  Storage: There are many different ways to organize and store your tools and materials in your van. With your commercial van well organized and everything properly stored, likely hood of injury is lowered. Adding a roof rack, ladder rack, or cargo rack can help you transport additional items that may be hard to fit in your vehicle or you can use them to just keep the back of your van clear. Tool drawers are very helpful with organization and keeping tidy. There are several different interior shelving packages that are available designed for different trades i.e. HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, General Service, etc. If you don’t want something pre-made, there are other shelving types available in different materials that you are able to choose from to help with your various storage needs.
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