How to Increase LTE Signal and Speed

In today’s interconnected world, being able to access data quickly and efficiently is critical. Data networks have different speeds based on the provider, the device and your location. While you wait for the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology to continue testing and finding ways to improve LTE communications, there are ways to increase your LTE signal strength and speed whenever possible.

Optimizing the cellular network on the whole is near impossible, but there are ways to optimize it for your device. This application works by using a simple formula that provides you with the ability to change what maximum speeds your device can handle. This normally works by boosting your download speed by cutting your upload speed, or vice versa. These optimization applications can also help your device switch to networks with faster speeds rather than focusing on stable networks. There are options available for many types of devices, including Android and iOS devices.

Boosting signal strength is an effective and consistent way to increase your speeds. Utilizing a signal amplifier is a great solution for a home or office space, depending on size of course. These amplifiers can be created in your own home, usually utilizing two antennas and an amplifier, which results in the signal being pulled in, amplified and then pushed out through your home or office space. There are a wealth of tutorials available online. In addition, there are companies, such as T-Mobile, that provide signal amplifiers that can boost LTE cellular coverage.

For the more technically savvy users, there are settings that can be changed that are not accessible within the normal settings on your device. Your mobile device is designed to switch from the LTE network to the 3G network when stability drops below a certain point; oftentimes due to high amounts of user activity within that network. On your device, dialing ##DATA## in the keypad allows you to enter an “edit mode” that taps into settings not available on the user interface.

As you progress through these options, the changes will require the master subsidy lock (MSL), which is a unique code for your device that allows you to make changes. This unique code can be accessed through different applications that can easily be read from your device. Once entered, you can select the WiMAX menu, which is where your LTE signal settings can be adjusted. There are several tutorials available online on what WiMAX settings to adjust in order to boost your connectivity.

Although cellular technology keeps evolving, data speeds and signal strength are still being improved. Until these advances make signal strength and speed more consistent and reliable, these methods can help you utilize LTE to the fullest extent possible.

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