How to Give your Patio a Face Lift

The patio is an area of the home that sometimes gets ignored when it comes to renovations. It’s a place where you can enjoy time with family sitting outside or where you can enjoy a good book while listening to the sounds of nature. There are some ideas to follow if you want to give your patio a face lift that will make it look brand new.

Think about the budget that you have to work with. This will help to determine the kind of furniture and the materials that will be used if you plan to deconstruct and build a new patio. You also need to think about whether you want to do the work on your own or hire someone who can complete the job without any assistance.

Examine the needs of the patio. Will it be somewhere to grill with guests, or will it simply be a place to sit outside with a few chairs and a table? The needs and desires of the patio will help in determining the size and what you need to purchase when designing the area. You also need to think about whether you need steps or a flat surface to get to the patio. Another idea would be whether you need any kind of shade or if you want the patio to be fully in the warmth of the sun.

When you have the ground work for the patio, you can start selecting the colors and the theme that you want to use. If you’re adding carpet, then you probably don’t really need much in the way of many other kinds of materials with wicker being an ideal selection for the furniture. A covered patio is often easier to decorate as you don’t have to worry as much about the sun fading the colors or the furniture getting damaged from the weather. Lighter colors that include peach and blue often work best with a patio. You could also add a grilling area with a side table so that you can easily prepare your meals outside.

Think about staining the patio instead of painting as this will help to give the area a natural look. Landscaping is also something to consider when you make over the patio. Add a few flowers to the sides of the patio along with a shrub or two that can balance out each side of any steps that are added.

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