How to Accessorize Your Business Suit

If you must wear a business suit at work, then you must understand how to accessorize it in order to look your best.

1: Footwear

When you are wearing a business suit, it is essential to choose the appropriate footwear. Select shoes that coordinate with the suit, and make sure that the footwear is clean and in good condition. Avoid wearing shoes that have frayed laces or rundown heels, and never wear high-heeled shoes to work.

2: Necktie

Men should wear a fashionable necktie that is in a plain color or one that has a tiny pattern. Avoid wearing garish colors or neckties that are the wrong width. Make sure that your necktie coordinates with the color of your business suit. Learn how to tie a necktie the correct way so that the knot looks nice.

3: Scarf

Women who are wearing business suits must wear a scarf in place of a necktie. Choose a longer scarf that you can tie into a small knot or fasten with a metallic scarf clip. Choose a scarf that has a small pattern or that is in a plain color. Never tie the scarf into a bow, and make sure that the dangling ends of the scarf are inside your business suit’s jacket.

4: Jewelry

If you want to wear jewelry with a business suit, then choose basic pieces that are made of gold or silver metals. Never wear numerous pieces of jewelry with a business suit because it is not appropriate. Wearing a watch is appropriate, but you should choose a dressy watch. A man can wear a small tie clip on his tie, and women can wear tiny earrings.

5: Socks or Hosiery

Select socks that match your business suit, and make sure that the socks are long enough to cover your calves when you sit down in a chair. Women who wear a business suit with a skirt must wear hose that matches their skin tone. Do not wear hosiery in bright colors or designs with your business suit.

6: Shirt

Choose an appropriate shirt to wear with your business suit. Experts recommend shirts that have long sleeves with cuffs that show at the bottom of the business suit’s jacket sleeves. White, off-white and pastel colors of shirts are appropriate with a business suit. Make sure that the shirt you wear has thick fabric that you cannot see through.

7. Overcoat

If the weather is cold, then you will need an overcoat to stay warm. Wear a longer coat that reaches your knees or covers a skirt. Have a dressy coat made of cotton or wool to wear with a business suit rather than a down-filled sport coat.

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