8 Things You Need to Know About International Adoptions

Even if you are an expert on adoption, the varying rules and regulations of each individual country make international adoption someone complicated. If you are considering an international adoption, there are a few things you should realize before you get started.

You Will Have to Spend a Lot of Time in the Country
International adoption is not a fast process. If you are going to adopt internationally, you need to be prepared to take time off work for an extended stay in a foreign country. Not only is this often a legal necessity, but it will help you to connect more to your child’s culture.

It Can Actually Cost More
There is a common misconception that international adoption is more affordable, but in modern times, there are still plenty of fees for home studies and other legal requirements. In addition to these costs, you will also have to pay for travel fees and extended lodging.

Birth Families May be Unknown
Open adoption may be common in the United States, but it is quite rare in other countries. Some nations even have privacy laws that will prevent a child from knowing their birth parent. Though some families may find this appealing, it can be difficult to get a medical or mental history for your child.

Political Unrest Can Make the Process Difficult
Countries that have large amount of orphans may have recently undergone wars, natural disasters, or other issues. This type of unrest may result in worrying travel situations or other issues that might shock people coming from the United States.

Your Child Will Always Be Connected to It’s Birth Country
Adopting a child from another country comes with unique challenges. Your child may struggle to remain connected to its original culture or it may feel completely disassociated. You may need to take extra steps to support your child’s transition to a new country.

It Requires Both Foreign and Domestic Paperwork
A lot of people interested in international adoption do not realize that they still have to satisfy legal requirements back at home. In addition to the red tape in your child’s home country, you will also have to comply with domestic policies about immigration and adoption.

Lacking Records
Underfunded and impoverished adoption agencies have trouble keeping track of records for each child sometimes. You may end up with incomplete or inaccurate medical records, and there may be missing blanks in your child’s background.

Different Countries Have Different Wait Times
Depending on the laws of each individual country, you could spend anywhere between 18 and 50 months dealing with the adoption process. Some countries are very strict about ensuring laws are followed, while others are more lenient.

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