6 Ways to Improve Your Trade Show Efforts

When attending trade shows in any industry, there are 6 ways to improve your results. Trade shows are typically geared towards achieving success at least one of the following outcomes: selling a product, gaining recognition, or networking.

1. Do not go to an event without informing your target audience first.
Overhead such as booth fees, paid help, and product costs can be expensive if the audience doesn’t show up. But how can the prospective clients, fans, or customers know that you’re there if you don’t tell them? Social media is the most effective way to get the word out.

2. Be active!
Or as inc.com says in their article “8 Tricks of the Trade Show” – “Be on the offense, not the defense”. While attending a trade show, don’t just sit there and wait for people to approach. Making eye contact, starting conversation, and being approachable will attribute to greater conversion rates.

3. Know your target audience.
If your goal is to sell a product or service, you have to know which people would potentially purchase your product and design your booth accordingly. If you were to sell hunting supplies, would you use a camouflage or a pink satin tablecloth?

4. Use every allotted inch of space effectively.
If the trade show allots you 8’x8′ and all you bring is a table, you’re wrong. Banners (as big as you can get them) are an often overlooked necessity of successful booths and they take up very little space. Interactive tools like televisions or games of chance are great ways to fill voids in booth spaces. An immensely popular and effective game for any booth is the one with the large spinning wheel with varying prizes.

5. Give attendees incentives.
According to Forbes, giving away free BPA-free bottles, coffee mugs, t-shirts, or even bookmarks is a good way to reel in potential customers or clients. People love free stuff! Sometimes even the chance to win something is enough to draw more people in. The same technique is often used by time share companies, because it works.

6. Be ready to deliver flawless pitches!
When people come to your booth, they will expect you to know the answers to every question they come up with. Not knowing about an aspect of the product you are representing comes off as unprofessional. Own the product and don’t be afraid to say why it is superior, unique, and necessary. Trade shows are competitive opportunities where modesty and uncertainty have no place.

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