5 Questions to Ask Before Taking a Chicago Segway Tour

Segway tours are a popular way to take in the historic city of Chicago. And why shouldn’t they be? Segway users can comfortably see all the great Chicago sights without the hassle of busses, taxis, or taking the metro. Before you plan your own Segway trip in that “Toddlin’ Town” of Chicago, take the following five questions into account. These questions will help you find the perfect Segway tour.

What do You Want to See?

There are many points of interest in Chicago. Just one Segway tour can only focus on a few famous Chicago sights. So make a list of the top things you want to see in Chicago. Knowing what you want to see beforehand will help you pick the perfect Segway tour package. All Segway tour companies have various travel packages to choose from. Some tour companies offer specialty tours, including architecture, fireworks, and city lights tours.

What Company is Best For You?

All companies have different priorities and schedules. One important thing to look into is whether or not the company is family friendly or adult oriented. For family friendly tours, perhaps looking into a company like Chicago Segway Tour might be the best option. Also, you have to look into whether or not the company will provide you with Segway training. If you have never used a Segway before, you must be sure you will be taught how to operate a Segway safely.

What Times are Available?

Most daily Segway tours are given in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Specialty tours vary by date and time of year. Plan what time works best for you for a Segway tour in your travel itinerary. You should also look into whether or not the company you are interested in will provide you with a lunch/dinner break if you are going on an afternoon or night tour.

How Much Will This Cost?

Most prices range from $45 to $75 for a typical 2-3 hour Segway Chicago tour. Of course, prices change depending on the time of year, company, and type of tour you want. Some tour companies offer many specialty and private tours in the Chicago area for a premium price.

Is There a Rain Check Policy?

Despite all your hard work and planning, it could rain on the day you planned for your Segway tour. To prepare for this risk, see if your company has a comprehensive rain policy so you can either get your money back or take a tour on another day.

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