5 Clever Designs for your Shower Tile

Bathrooms are typically one of the least creative and interesting rooms in a home, with standard paint, tile, and fixtures. Consider an interesting design for shower tile in your new house or as part of your bathroom renovation to render a boring room into something innovative and exciting. An eye-catching shower with beautiful, colorful tiles will transform even the most lackluster bathroom into something special.

1. Mix Materials
Incorporating glass, marble, stone and imitation stone tiles into one mosaic can bring great texture and visual interest to your shower. Use small glass tiles to create a border along the top of your shower walls, making ceilings look especially tall. Stone tiles along the floor are a good way to prevent slips and add a natural, organic feeling, evoking the outdoors in the comfort of your own bathroom. Combining these materials adds an air of the unexpected to a typical tiled shower look.

2. Experiment with Color
Bathrooms frequently utilize the same color palettes, leading to staid and uninspired looks with tan, beige, gray and white tiling. Try bold color to freshen up your shower: bright blue floor tiles for a hit of fun; colored striping of glass tiles to create a border; or pink wall tiles for a romantic, feminine twist. These colors will brighten up a boring space in no time.

3. Play with Dimensions
Small tiles allow for mosaics and patterns: think checkerboard tiles or subway tiles for evocative patterns of miniature tiles. Large tiles often create a simple, streamlined look and can trick the eye into thinking your shower and your bathroom are larger than they are. Consider your space and what size tile makes the most sense for your shower before selecting the tiles you love most.

4. Tile Shapes
Tiles typically come in rectangles and squares, but don’t feel limited to those traditional shapes. Oval or triangular shaped tiles can add to the dramatic impact of a patterned look, and can help you differentiate the shower walls, ceiling and floor with varying tile shapes.

5. Take Inspiration
Don’t think of your shower as merely a choice of white tiles or beige, large tiles or small. Get inspired by the world around you: select tiles that evoke the bright colors of your favorite piece of contemporary art, or incorporate tiles in the colors of your favorite sports team. The bathroom is so often disregarded, and can be a great place for a sense of whimsy and delight.

Consider these suggestions for creative, clever tile designs and your shower, and the bathroom as a whole, will be a fun and exciting space to express your interior design sensibilities.

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