4 Savvy Ways to increase your Home’s Wi-Fi Connection

No one likes to wait for a website to load, or for a video to buffer. Yet using Wi-Fi is ubiquitous with using a computer or mobile device. If you’re tormented by slow connection speeds, but not ready to take the plunge on the faster, pricier tier of internet service, give these 4 savvy techniques to boost your connection speeds.

1. Position your router

One of the most important, and oft-overlooked ways to improve your Wi-Fi coverage, is to cleverly position your router and modem.

Putting your networking equipment in a central location is usually a given, but there’re a few other things to keep in mind. You’ll want to consider how many walls are between you and router, as well as potential obstacles of interference, such as other gadgets that may be using the same frequencies. Cellular phones and even microwaves can cause problems, so keep those in mind when picking a spot.

2. Increase your security

Another big bandwidth hog is, well, bandwidth hogs. You probably wouldn’t let your neighbors run a hose from your outside faucet to their kitchen, so why let them leech your Wi-Fi? Lock down your network with secure encryption, such asĀ WPA2 and make sure you pick a strong password to keep those pesky internet thieves at bay.

3. Utilize Quality of Service

Quality of Service, or QoS for short, is a performance parameter present in most routers that allow you to configure what gets to use the most bandwidth. For folks with multiple users on a single network, you can improve your speeds for things that matter the most to you while throttling down the usage of other activities. Want to throttle down the kids’ online gaming while retaining bandwidth for Netflix streaming? QoS can do that.

4. Update your firmware

Another great way to manage your Wi-Fi speeds is to keep on top of firmware updates for your router. Most router manufacturers offer regular updates for their products, and these can often improve speeds and throughput.

If you’re a tinkerer, or extremely tech-savvy, there are third-party firmware updates that can turn your router into a networking powerhouse. DD-WRT is one such free product that does just this. Be warned: this is not a project for the faint at heart!

Any one of the above tips stands to moderately improve the connection speed of your Wi-Fi. If you implement all of them, your connection will undoubtedly be faster, more reliable, and more secure than ever. That’s hard to beat, considering the relative ease of effort!

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