4 Reasons to Add Live Chat Services to Your Business

Convenient customer service has become an essential ingredient in many Ecommerce web applications. Through marketing, we understand that retaining your customer base requires you to provide memorable, worthwhile memorable experience. To widen your customer base, you need the existing customers to spread the word of your quality services. Tools that foster quality customer experience, therefore, needs to be embraced by every business. Live chat service on your business website provides better customer services. By using the live chat service, you can create a great rapport with your potential clients. Customers can chat with your business in real-time. A customer can ask questions, get advice and build their confidence on matters that relate to their experience.


Here are the four reasons to add live chat services to your business.


1. Cost efficient


Live chat can save both employee time and phone expenses. Contact centers usually spend more to get to customers compared to live chat. There is a lesser need to contact the customers with the availability of a live chat. The use of the services increases the efficiency since multiple chats can be conducted simultaneously, thus saves labor cost since there is no need to have extra employees.


2. Real-time convenience


It is the main reason that surpasses all, live chat offers convenience for customers in that they do not have to leave the site to acquire assistance. The alternative would be to contact via phone, email or social media which would be rather time-consuming and a poorer time response. A memorable experience for a customer depends on how easily and quickly they can get assistance; a live chat provides these services efficiently.


3. Increase in sales


Live chat helps to increase conversions and average order values. As the customer experience is top notch, higher sales accrue. According to research due to the questions being answered via the live chat it boosts the customer to spend more. When a client gets in contact with an agent who understands their preference, they are likely to suggest others products that would suit them. Multiple studies indicate that live chat will boost sales with about twenty percent increase. As noted by an article on Inc., it is, however, important to note that you need to train the representatives to give a rigorous approach and boost the confidence of the buyers.


4. Build long-term relationships


Since live chat boosts the customer services, a sense of loyalty is attained. Once there is a memorable experience the customer will keep visiting the site for more purchases. Study show that satisfied long term customers are statically less sensitive to prices. As indicated by an article on Forbes, long term customer will make a purchase irrespective of how much they are paying for the product or the service.

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