4 Great Ways to encourage your Children to brush their Teeth

As adults, we know dental hygiene is important. Preventing gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay plays a huge part in our overall health, so we understand why we need to brush and floss regular basis. However, as most parents have found out the hard way, getting kids to brush their teeth can be difficult. To help you find ways to encourage good dental health, we found some great tips!

Get Started Early!

Normalizing tooth brushing as soon as the first baby tooth erupts in your child’s mouth accustoms your child to having their teeth brushed so it becomes a normal part of their routine. Using a clean wet washcloth on new baby teeth will prevent a build-up of bacteria which can cause decay, and as they get older, using a baby toothbrush with a drop of fluoridated toothpaste the size of a grain of rice will get them used to the feel and taste of tooth brushing.

Make It Fun!

Just saying “Time to brush your teeth,” or making it seem like a chore is likely to meet with resistance, so like eating, taking a bath, helping pick up toys, and other tasks that maybe your child doesn’t enjoy, you have to make it fun for small children. If they have a favorite cartoon character, see if there is a toothbrush with that character on it. Singing a special tooth brushing song can send your little one into fits of giggles, and can also work as a timer for the amount of time kids should spend brushing. There are even games you can play to make it fun!

Set a Good Example!

In addition to helping them brush their teeth, let them see you do it. Kids want to be like their parents, so if they see us brushing our teeth, they’re more likely to do it too. Plus, watching will help reinforce proper tooth brushing techniques like not swallowing toothpaste and correct brushing motions.

Work It Into the Routine!

We know it’s important to brush our teeth twice a day, but sometimes we forget to pass that on to our kids. It’s easy to skip if your child is tired or grumpy, but children thrive on routine, so if it’s just part of what they are used to, there’s going to be less struggle. Just like getting dressed in the morning, eating breakfast, and going to school, make sure tooth brushing is part of the plan, and the same applies for the bedtime routine.

Proper brushing twice a day will help ensure your child has a healthy smile for years to come! And twice a year dental check-ups We hope these tips will make the process a little easier on the entire family!

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