3 Ways to Organize Your Cable Cords

If you have a computer, television or other electronic devices, you likely have long cords that are hard to keep separate from others on the same power strip. Luckily, there are a variety of different ways to organize those cords and keep them from getting damaged.

Use Labels to Keep Them Organized

The easiest way to help you tell which cord belongs to which device is to put colored labels on them. Instead of having to unplug a bunch of different devices to find the one that you want, you can simply look for the color that corresponds to the cord that you need. If you have children, a color system can act as a warning to not touch them because they can be dangerous. Another option for concerned parents could be to use labels that have warning labels on them to indicate that a cord is dangerous in a more direct manner.

Tie Down Unruly Cords

If you are more worried about tangled cords, zip ties may be the best way to keep them in check. Most ties are strong enough to provide a quality seal that can’t be broken unless you have a pair of scissors or tie cutters handy. This reduces the odds that your kids or pets will be able to take them off or chew through them. Ties come in a variety of sizes, which means that they are perfect for cords of any length.

Create a Cord Box

For those who are relatively handy, it may be possible to create a wood box that contains and hides messy cords. In some cases, it may be a good idea to bundle the cords with zip ties before putting them into specifically labeled sections inside of the box. In addition to the aesthetic value that such an item provides, it may make it even more difficult for a child or pet to get their hands on a cord. It can also prevent cords being chewed or frayed by mice or other rodents that may get inside of the home.

Cable cords can create several safety hazards if they are not properly organized. In addition to being chewed through by kids or pets, a frayed wire could spark and start a fire. Therefore, make it a point to find a way to keep cords organized that is most convenient for you and others who may live with you.

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