3 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Cigar for the First Time

A good cigar speaks of both sophistication and refinement. Becoming a cigar connoisseur is a great way to delight every one of your senses and complement your favorite scotch. This is especially true if you know how to choose your very first stogie. Investing in an overpriced, extremely harsh, or far too mild-flavored option could put you off these smokes indefinitely. Following are three things that every consumer should know before purchasing a cigar for the first time.

Pricier Isn’t Always Better

One common misconception about the cigar market is that the best-tasting options are always the most costly. If you shop way down at the bottom end of the spectrum you’re definitely going to run into some low-quality blends and poor-tasting wraps. At the median price point, however, there are a number of rich, delicious flavors that have been rated well in a variety of blind tests. As such, you really shouldn’t spend more than $8 to $10 on your first stogie. Not only is this sufficient money for having a truly enjoyable and indulgent experience, but it will also limit your losses if you wind up deciding that cigar smoking isn’t for you after all. It’s also a good idea to limit the number of stogies you buy during this first shopping venture. Unless you have a nice humidor on hand for keeping your purchases fresh or intend to go through a bunch of stogies within a relatively short period of time, ordering just two to three cigars will give you more than enough opportunity to define your tastes. With more experience and a better understanding of what you like, you can always revisit a seller’s website to replenish your stock and pick up a few quality accessories.

You Don’t Have To Commit To Mild Cigars Right Out The Gate

Even after having limited yourself to a very modest price range, you’ll still find an impressive selection of flavor choices. One of the most common recommendations for new cigar smokers is to stick to mild-flavored cigars at the outset rather than opting for more full-bodied stogies. The goal here is to avoid cigars that are far too harsh for someone who’s never smoked before. In reality, however, it’s always best to account for your individual preferences and smoking history. This might be your very first cigar, but you may have a considerable amount of experience with cigarettes. If you like dark beers, strong, black coffee, or any other rich, bitter flavors, a mild cigar could leave you feeling underwhelmed. As such, be sure to look for flavors and brands that have been reviewed well by consumers who share common tastes and interests.

Stick With Tobacconists

No matter what your targeted budget for this purchase may be, you’re always going to get the best results by working with professional tobacconists rather than general stores. A tobacconist’s website will invariably have far more resources for helping you choose the right stogie as well as other information and tools for streamlining and enhancing your first experience. These entities are also aligned with all of the top suppliers, and this means that they tend to provide the greatest range of options and the highest quality cigars within the median price range.

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