3 Questions You Should Ask About Cannasap

Do you use medical marijuana? Along with the now-familiar jars of flowers, you’ve probably seen a huge assortment of edibles and extracts being offered at your favorite dispensary. You’ll see words like dab, shatter, crumble and Cannasap. Depending on your health condition and your reasons for using cannabis, the bud girls may ask if you’d like to try them. Here is some background information to keep in mind if you’re offered any of these products.

What Is Cannasap?

Cannasap is the brand name for a line of cannabis extracts made by the Native Roots company in Colorado, where marijuana is legal for both recreational and medical use. These highly concentrated extracts are made by using solvents to extract essential oils, known as terpenes, from the cannabis flowers. These oils contain the scents or flavors that give some types of marijuana names like Strawberry OG or Banana Kush. Different types of terpenes produce different effects in the brain, which is why some cannabis relieves pain while others relieve nausea or act as an antidepressant. Cannabis essential oil is also used in pain-relieving creams and ointments. The solvents used to make Cannasap include butane, carbon dioxide and water.

How Is It Used?

These concentrated extracts are extremely high potency and are meant to be inhaled using a vaporizer, also known as a vape pen. They’re extracted from many different strains of cannabis, so there is a variety of flavors in indica, sativa and hybrid types. Special vaping pens are sold at dispensaries, and the bud girls can show you how they’re used.

Is Cannasap For Me?

Vaping cannabis extract is easier on the respiratory system than a normal marijuana joint or even a water pipe. You will get more of the pain-relieving effects and mood-elevating properties you need, with none of the harshness or harmful by-products of regular smoking. You may also save money, as most of an extract goes right into your system, instead of into the air. The characteristic marijuana smell isn’t nearly as strong.

Use extreme caution when taking any type of medical marijuana, even an extract such as cannabidiol (CBD) that contains no THC — the property that gets you high. Even the CBD type can takes a little getting used to, and it interacts with some medications because of its effect on the liver.

Even after you are sure you know how to handle it, always begin with a tiny amount of any new medical cannabis product, be it candy or Cannasap. Wait a few hours to be sure of the effects. Stay away from alcohol and other drugs while you are using medical marijuana, and let your regular physician know you have a recommendation for legal cannabis use.

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