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8 Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Weight loss does not need to be an arduous task. Realigning your habits to facilitate weight loss can be easy and attainable. Follow these simple guidelines to attain a healthier and happier you.

1. Establish portion control.
American meals are huge. We become so accustomed to seeing large servings at restaurants or fast food places that we consume much more food than we need and even entirely forget what a reasonable portion size even looks like. When ordering out, make it a habit to only eat half of what you receive and take home the rest for your next meal.

2. Snack wisely.
Avoid sugary snacks or snacks with empty calories. Instead, choose snacks that are high in protein like a small handful of almonds. High protein snacks will keep you fuller longer and prevent you from mindlessly grazing throughout the day.

3. Use smaller plates.
When eating from a large plate, we can easily consume too much from the intrinsic desire to clean our plates. Using smaller plates tricks our minds into eating less while still retaining satisfaction from polishing off a meal.

4. Drink more water.
When we are dehydrated, our bodies oftentimes alert us with a feeling of hunger. Drink water throughout the day and consume one whole glass before a meal to stay hydrated and fill you up. Water even has an added bonus of boosting your metabolism, especially if it is cold.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast
Eating a breakfast high in protein and fiber will keep you full until lunch time, making it easier to establish healthy choices instead of grabbing a quick, high calorie meal when hunger strikes in the afternoon.

6. Don’t shop hungry.
Deviating from your grocery list and the produce aisle is a lot easier when your stomach is rumbling. Avoid impulse buys and unhealthy snack foods by making sure you eat before your trip to the grocery store. Stick to groceries found in the perimeter of the store instead of the inner aisles where processed junk is located.

7. Have salad or soup at lunch and dinner.
Filling up on water based food leads to less calorie consumption and will keep you hydrated and healthier too. Try eating cucumbers, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and broth based soups instead of starchy vegetables and creamy soups.

8. Eat in the same place every day. 
Mindless eating in front of the television can make calories add up quickly. Eat your meals and snacks in a chair and at the table as you would in a restaurant and savor every bite. Chew slowly and treat your meal like a celebration so healthy eating can be seen as a joy instead of a chore.